4D pharma plc (AIM: DDDD), a pharmaceutical company focusing on the development of live biotherapeutics, today provides the following research update on MicroRx, its proprietary platform for the discovery of novel live biotherapeutics.

Using MicroRx, 4D has to date focused on identifying innovative autoimmune, respiratory and CNS therapies. In the last 18 months the MicroRx platform has delivered a proprietary pipeline of 12 programmes and continues to be targeted at delivering more candidates across multiple disease areas.

Over the last six months, the Company has focused part of this work in oncology and is pleased to report that it has identified an orally administered live biotherapeutic candidate that has shown efficacy in pre-clinical models of breast and lung cancers. Encouragingly, the efficacy demonstrated in these pre-clinical models is comparable to checkpoint inhibitors, a market the pharmaceutical industry expects to exceed $25bn in the next decade.

As with its other development programmes, 4D will accelerate the cancer programme further towards the clinic, aiming to have it ready for testing in patients in 12 months. We will also be targeting the MicroRx platform towards other cancers. This is another significant step for 4D, broadening both the therapeutic base and addressable markets for the therapies developed by the MicroRx platform.

Dave Norwood, Chairman, commented "We believe the work we have completed over the last six months may open the way for the development of a completely new class of cancer therapeutics. As we have demonstrated elsewhere in our pipeline, 4D is not only world leading in the discovery of novel live biotherapeutics, it also sets a new benchmark in the rapid development and clinical testing of new therapeutics. If, as we believe, we can demonstrate a favourable safety and efficacy profile, the work 4D has achieved could be a significant step forward in the treatment of cancer."