How do live biotherapeutics work?

Bacteria in the gut interact with the host through a variety of mechanisms, and have been shown to significantly influence host immunity, metabolism and even the CNS. 4D’s Live Biotherapeutics are strains of gut commensal bacteria, which have been isolated from healthy human donors. Using our MicroRx discovery platform, we have screened our library of strains to identify specific bacteria which modulate host pathways known to drive disease. The ability of these strains to treat these conditions is then validated using industry standard animal models, as well as our own in-house microbiome-specific models.

Our proprietary microbiome profiling platform, MicroDx, enables us to assess the impact of our candidates Live Biotherapeutics have on patients’ gut bacteria.

Our clinical trials

You can find a list of the clinical trials currently being conducted by 4D pharma here.

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