Our live biotherapeutics

Live Biotherapeutics are a regulated, emerging and disruptive new class of medicines, which have the potential to transform the way in which we treat many diseases.

Our products are strains of gut commensal bacteria which have been originally isolated from healthy human donors. These are grown in our cGMP-certified facility, encapsulated, administered orally and delivered selectively to the gut where they exert their therapeutic effects. Each strain is selected for its functionality in a similar way to how a small-molecule or biologic is selected to perform a specific role in combating a disease.

A revolutionary new class of medicines

The development of Live Biotherapeutics offers a new way to create safe, convenient and effective treatments for patients. It also presents an opportunity to treat diseases that existing therapies are unable to effectively address. Live Biotherapeutics exert their therapeutic effects in a variety of ways. Some act on the same or similar pathways as existing medicines. Others act in novel ways, providing potential solutions for diseases with few current treatment options. The development of Live Biotherapeutics provides an opportunity to treat many diseases in an entirely new way.

Attractive safety profile

Toxicity is a significant obstacle in the development of new medicines. The side effects associated with existing medicines are a concern for both patients and clinicians, and these can lead to sub-optimal treatment regimens or premature termination of the development program.

Our Live Biotherapeutics are originally isolated from healthy human donors and consequently have attractive safety profiles. This significantly shortens the development timeline and allows us to rapidly accelerate our therapies into the clinic, conducting first-in-human studies in patients to generate clinically relevant data much earlier than with traditional drug types.

Live biotherapeutics interact with the immune system by a variety of mechanisms. Although this is typically initiated in the gut, the resulting changes in downstream pathways are diverse and can produce effects in distal areas of the body.

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