We will be attending and presenting at many scientific meetings during 2019. Presentations and posters will be made available here.

Upcoming events


31 May – 4 June, Chicago, USA


3-6 June, Philadelphia, USA

52nd Annual Meeting of ESPHGAN

5-8 June, Glasgow, UK

22nd Conference Lactic Acid Bacteria Club

12-14 June, Caen, France

Keystone Symposium: Neurodegenerative Diseases: New Insights and Therapeutic Opportunities

June 16-20, Colorado, USA

Microbiome Movement: Oncology Response

22-24 July, Boston, USA

Past events

4th Annual Advances in Immuno-Oncology Congress

20-21 May, London, UK

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DDW 2019

18-21 May, San Diego, USA

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Neuro4D Conference 2019

13-14 May, Frankfurt, Germany

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25-27 March, Vienna, Austria

Chardan Capital Markets LLC Microbiome Medicines Summit

7 March, New York, USA

Microbiome Drug Development Summit Europe

29 January – 1 February, Paris, France

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