Clinical operations

Our expanded clinical operations team is in place to manage our multiple clinical studies as we advance through the clinic. We have four clinical-stage programs underway in immuno-oncology, IBS, asthma and IBD.

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Rapid concept to clinic

The development of a new drug can take up to a decade before it is ready for the clinic; even then most drugs are required to undergo testing in healthy human volunteers to assess safety before they can be given to patients.

Furthermore, hidden toxicity issues frequently emerge at an advanced stage in clinical development programs or compromise the drug approval process. As a result, up to 40% of late-stage drug programs fail to gain approval because of toxicity. The time taken and risks associated with toxicity not only affect the availability of new drugs to patients, but also add significant costs and risks to development.

Our Live Biotherapeutics are originally isolated from healthy human donors and as such, have highly attractive safety profiles. This allows us to rapidly accelerate our candidates into the clinic, to deliver them more rapidly to patients that need them and generate clinically relevant data much more rapidly.

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