Understanding the microbiome as an ‘overlooked critical organ’, PharmaPhorum, 26 April 2022

Live Biotherapeutics - A Novel Way to Treat Disease, Technology Networks, 12 April 2022

Phase 1 Trial Set to Test First Live Biotherapeutics in Parkinson’s, Parkinson's News Today, 23 February 2022

4D pharma to trial LBPs in patients with Parkinson's disease: 'We are continuing to expand clinical pathways for the microbiome field', BioPharma Reporter, 22 February 2022

4D Gets Green Light to Test First Live Biotherapeutic for Parkinson's, BioSpace, 22 February 2022

Bacteria as Therapeutics, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), 1 February 2022

'Bugs as drugs' approach to cancer nears advanced development, Informa Pharma Intelligence, 19 January 2022

4D pharma's appointment of John Doyle as Chief Financial Officer

Endpoints News: Peer Review, 7 January 2022

STAT: Up and down the ladder, 7 January 2022

Microbiome Drugs: Multiplying Recent Gains, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), 5 January 2022

4D pharma sees positive data from early stage asthma trial, BioPharma Reporter, 22 December 2021

Developing and delivering live biotherapeutic products, European Pharmaceutical Review, 4 November 2021

4D pharma Q&A: the potential of gut bacteria in cancer and beyond, Pharmaceutical Technology, 1 October 2021

Living Biotherapeutics Explore New Niches, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), 2 August 2021

4D pharma Announces Publication of Preclinical Research Showing Single Strain Megasphaera massiliensis improves activity of CAR-T, 6 July 2021

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN)



Microbiome-targeting pipeline addresses multiple immunological indications, GlobalData / Clinical Trials Arena, 2 July 2021

A report by biopharma industry research firm GlobalData on the microbiome therapeutics field, highlights the truly unique and major market opportunity for 4D pharma's Blautix (MRx1234) as the first product capable of treating both IBS-C and IBS-D subtypes, and the potential to capture "exclusive market share of IBS-M" which accounts for around 30% of IBS patients for whom there are currently no approved products in US or Europe.

4D pharma expanding clinical data in multiple indications, BioPharma Reporter, 28 June 2021

CEO Duncan Peyton spoke to BioPharma Reporter about 4D pharma's continued progress and expanding clinical activities in key areas such as oncology, asthma and neurodegenerative disease.

Live biotherapeutics change the pharma landscape, MedNous, 21 June 2021

Article focusing on 4D pharma's clinical strategy for Live Biotherapeutics in oncology, also touches on 4D's leading manufacturing capabilities. Download a copy here.

Microbiome therapeutics rising as potential immuno-oncology agents, Clinical Trials Arena & GlobalData, 9 June 2021

Clinical data and industry partnerships have fueled a shift in perception of the microbiome-based therapeutic market from nascent to developing, with GlobalData forecasting the market to be worth $1.554B in 2026.

4D pharma presents additional positive data from Phase II trial of Blautix for irritable bowel syndrome at Digestive Disease Week (DDW) 20201

Drug Discovery World

The Pharma Letter



Alliance News, Morningstar

Proactive Investor

Fecal microbiota potentiate checkpoint inhibitors, unleash microbiome startups, Nature Biotechnology, 16 April 2021

Coverage of 4D pharma's two clinical collaborations with lead immuno-oncology LBP MRx0518

Companies Merging With SPACs Face Challenges Around Valuations, Controls, The Wall Street Journal, 13 April 2021

CEO Duncan Peyton spoke to the Wall Street Journal about adding financial expertise to our Board in the lead up to our Nasdaq listing

Completion of Merger with Longevity, launch of NASDAQ listing and concurrent fundraising

CEO Duncan Peyton interviewed by IGTV and Proactive Investors

A SPAC makes it happen for 4D pharma, Evaluate Vantage, 26 February 2021

CEO Duncan Peyton spoke with Evaluate about the attractiveness of a SPAC as a route to a US listing.

4D Pharma Joins The SPAC Trend To Fund Its Keytruda-Boosting Biotherapeutic, Scrip Informa Pharma Intelligence, 17 February 2021

Scrip's Andrew McConaghie speaks to 4D CEO Duncan Peyton about the upcoming NASDAQ listing, what this means for 4D and its pipeline of Live Biotherapeutics including lead immuno-oncology candidate MRx0518.

4D pharma enters clinical collaboration with Merck KGaA and Pfizer

4D announces a clinical collaboration and drug supply agreement with Merck KGaA and Pfizer, combining 4D's MRx0518 with BAVENCIO® (avelumab) as a first-line maintenance therapy for patients with locally advanced or metastatic urothelial carcinoma that has not progressed with first-line platinum-containing chemotherapy.


Drug Discovery World


Manufacturing Chemist


Proactive Investors and interview

Vox Markets

Early investments powering the ascent of microbiome therapeutics, Nature, 30 November 2020

Nature's Biophara Dealmakers publication offers an overview of the rapidly growing microbiome field, with increasing amounts of investment and partnering interest, driven by leaders like 4D pharma.

Updates on MRx0518 + pembro in patients with resistance to therapy, Video Journal of Oncology, 27 November 2020

CSO Dr Alex Stevenson discusses the data for immuno-oncology Live Biotherapeutic MRx0518 presented at SITC2020, showing positive activity on tumor immune infiltration, systemic immune signals and tumor gene expression, all associated with anti-cancer activity. This data demonstrates the contribution of MRx0518 to the remarkable clinical efficacy seen in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitor Keytruda (pembrolizumab), and the extensive opportunities for future development of MRx0518.

US listing set to support and accelerate ongoing development of 4D Pharma’s live biotherapeutics, BioPharma Reporter, 3 November

CEO Duncan Peyton speaks to BioPharma-Reporter about what the Longevity (NASDAQ: LOAC) merger and NASDAQ listing mean for 4D pharma

Gut feeling: why microbiomes holds so much promise for targeted therapeutics, Drug Discovery World, 3 November 2020

4D pharma spoke to Lu Rahman about the growing significance of microbiomics in the quest for new therapeutics

4D pharma announces merger with Longevity SPAC and intention to list on NASDAQ, 22 October 2020

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Endpoints News

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Drug Discovery World

The Fourth Therapeutic Class: Live Biotherapeutics, The Medicine Maker, 19 October 2020

The Medicine Maker takes a deep dive into 4D pharma and its functionality-driven approach to Live Biotherapeutic development, including manufacturing, regulation, and the huge potential for the field in the near future

Revolutionary new medicines from the human gut microbiome, Nature Biopharma Dealmakers, 1 September 2020

4D pharma's programs in oncology (MRx0518 and neurodegenerative disease (MRx0029 & MRx0005), feature in Nature BioPharma DealMakers. View online via the link above, or download the PDF

4D pharma reveals 'phenomenal results' from early stage cancer trial, 26 August 2020

CEO Duncan Peyton talks with Proactive's Katie Pilbeam about 4D's positive clinical benefit data for lead immuno-oncology candidate MRx0518 in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitor Keytruda

Also covered by Proactive Investors' Ian Lyall

4D pharma: A clinical stage innovator and pioneer of Live Biotherapeutics, 8 June 2020

4D's CEO Duncan Peyton discusses the advantages of 4D's unique approach to Live Biotherapeutics with Proactive Investors

4D pharma PLC about to start dosing patients in its Phase II trial for COVID-19, 29 May 2020

Watch Proactive Investor's Andrew Scott interview 4D's CEO, Duncan Peyton, discussing the company's recent progress in the clinic in oncology and IBS, its Phase II clinical trial in COVID-19, and more

4D pharma receives MHRA approval for Phase II COVID-19 trial

European Pharmaceutical Review, 22 April 2020

BioCentury, 21 April 2020

Pharmafield, 20 April 2020

Contract Pharma, 20 April 2020

4D pharma Presents Additional Interim Clinical Data From Combination Study for Lead Oncology Candidate, BioSpace, 17 March 2020

4D presents additional data from its ongoing Phase I/II trial of LBP MRx0518 in combination with Keytruda® at Chardan's virtual 2nd Annual Microbiome Medicines Summit