4D pharma plc (AIM: DDDD), a pharmaceutical company focusing on the development of live biotherapeutics, provides the following update in relation to the development of its lead oncology candidate, MRx0518.

MRx0518 is a single strain bacterial Live Biotherapeutic Product (LBP), isolated and purified from a healthy human faecal sample, that has been shown to have immune-stimulatory characteristics and activity in a number of pre-clinical cancer models. Following a successful development programme at the Company's own GMP production plant, plans are at an advanced stage to open clinical studies in the UK and the US in the near future.

Data will be presented today at the Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum, Rotterdam by 4D's Chief Executive Officer, Duncan Peyton, identifying key aspects of the mode of action of MRx0518. Research carried out by 4D has identified a specific component of the bacteria, flaA, that plays a key role in the activity of MRx0518 by stimulating pathways that are known to be associated with the body's response to cancer. Interaction of flaA with the human protein Toll Like Receptor 5 (TLR5) has been linked to the activity of MRx0518 in pre-clinical cancer models and this will be investigated further in upcoming clinical trials.

Duncan Peyton, 4D's Chief Executive Officer, commented: "This is a key step in the development of a true microbiome derived pharmaceutical product for the treatment of cancer. Understanding the mode of action of MRx0518, through the identification of a specific gene product and its interaction with a high profile human oncology target, gives greater insight into its potential applications and benefits to cancer patients. We look forward to reporting further progress as we move into the clinical phases of development of MRx0518."